Social Media Marketing Tips


Social media is a big hit when it comes to marketers. It"s a great place where you can see potential target market and create more customer engagement. But, entering the world of social media can be a bit overwhelming if you are a beginner.

Here are some useful tips you can try to build an online presence:

You don"t have to be in every social network. Maintaining numerous social accounts can be quite exhausting and time-consuming. You need to hire some workforce to be able to maintain thriving communities. This can be quite troublesome especially if you"re running a small business. It"s advisable to focus on one or two networks to get the best results.

social2Understand your audience. To get your target"s attention, you need to post something that is related to what they need. If you are able to understand the needs of your potential customers, it will be easier for you to find a connection that build a relationship with them. Nobody cares about what you do but they care about what they could benefit from you.

Talk about your “why" and not about your “what". You need to show people that you have all the right reasons for them to try your product or service. Customers are more focused on the benefits that they could get and it you"re able to get a chance to explain that, you can emotionally build a connection.

Publish content like a boss. If you want to people to notice you online, you need to make your content shine. You can invest money and time in creating interesting content that could reflect your brand. If you think you"re not a bit of a writer, you can hire someone who could do this for you.

Patience is a virtue. Social media success doesn"t come instantly for you need an amount of time for people to have trust in what you can offer. It takes some trial and error to be able to get the perfect formula that could make you a success.

Creative Ideas To Market Your Brand


Doing the same things will just make you bored to death or be truly uninspired. The same thing goes for marketing. When you do the same marketing strategies, you"d feel as if everything is just a routine and your customers would also also feel bored about your brand.

During this time, we need some creative ideas to help us get back on track and be more enthusiastic. Here are some creative marketing strategies that could help you get your creative juices pumping:

Get an interview. You can try to pitch in some interviews with blogs who specialize on posting interviews. You can talk about your business in detail and getting it posted in a site with high authority can help you increase your audience.

creative2Freebies. Give away some special items to your visitors or followers to get a good impression. Free samples, ebooks, graphics. You name it.

Build social proof. Try to post testimonials from happy customers to create a strong social proof. People tend to rely on reviews before they try something and positive reviews would make you shine more. Extra tip: You can send free samples to potential customers and ask them about what they think of your product or service.

Be a part of the community. You can host an event in your local community to raise more awareness about your product or service. You can do some charity work or even host some workshops related to your mastery of skills.

It"s in the packaging. You can invest in creating a unique packaging for your products to make it more interesting. You need to make sure that it reflects your brand in totality.

The power of infographics. Infographics are consistently shared online in various social sites because they are visually appealing and shareable. Try to create a relevant infographic that could reflect your brand or business. For example, if you are a clothing store, you could create an analogy of what a perfect casual attire is.

Caption this. You can post an interesting photo on various social platforms and let the people create captions for it. You can even get amusing ideas from your target market and you can reward a prize for the best one.

Join weekly hashtags. Hashtags can really help you be seen by more people. Join in weekly hashtags such as #ThrowbackThursday to increase your reach and brand awareness.

creative3Handwritten letters. Create some simple thank you notes or birthday greeting to existing customers. Your handwriting can make it more sincere and this can increase customer loyalty.

Curate other content. You could check other blogs in your industry and try ton share their content. You could leave some heartfelt comments and interact with their followers.

Coupons and discounts. The next best thing to getting something free is getting a low price for excellent products or services. You can typically do this during holidays or special occasions. You can send them thru emails or hand them out personally.

Paint a mural. If you have an available space on your storefront, you could try to paint a mural that could reflect your brand. Murals are highly appealing and you can even attract the attention of potential customers.

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12 Marketing Strategies To Get You Started


Marketing plays an important role in making a business grow and increase the number of potential customers. However, marketing is far too broad than we expected and there"s more to it than promoting your product or service. If you find yourself confused in what marketing strategy you should go for, try to learn the basics first.

Here are 12 types of marketing strategies that can help you get a kick start:

Word of mouth marketing. This is a traditional marketing strategy that remains effective up until our modern times. Information is passed from person to person by means of talking. Satisfied customers would usually share their good experiences to others which can possibly increase your fan base.

marketing2Seasonal marketing. Holidays and seasons affect most people"s lives. If you are able to integrate your product in these various occasions, you can be able to make your product or service be more relevant to people.

Email marketing. Emails have become a major way to communicate with potential customers especially in our modern world. Blasting promotions and offers thru emails have been proven to be more convenient for most marketers.

Event marketing. Creating a meaningful event can attract potential customers a it will trigger their interest particularly if it involves something that they like to do. Events can gather a huge amount of people which can build more exposure for your product or service.

Freebie marketing. People do love receiving something free of charge. Giving away freebies for promotion can give potential targets a chance to try out your product or service and even give immediate feedback about it.

Content marketing. This involves writing and publishing content that could inform your potential customers about what your product or service is about. A highly attractive and interesting content usually drives in more traffic to your website.

Niche marketing. Being involved in a broad industry such as clothes can really be difficult especially if there are a lot of competitors in the same industry. To make your business shine, you could focus on one niche that could gve you a more unique characteristic.

marketing3Social media marketing. Social media sites cater to a huge number of potential targets which can result to better opportunities of customer engagement. For instance, Facebook, which remain to be one of the social giants, has some net features that could help showcase your product or service thru page creation.

B2B marketing. This is basically forming a mutual relationship with another business to promote your product or service. Another business or company will offer your products in exchange for promoting theirs. This paves way to stronger business networks and connections.

Mobile marketing. You can market your product or service on mobile devices which can cater to specific demographics. More personalized information can be shared to mobile users.

Relationship marketing. Building a strong relationship with customers has been quite effective in developing brand loyalty and more chances of repeat business. If customers feel that they are important, they would be more likely to prefer your brand and spend more on it.

PR marketing. Marketers would seek the assistance of media to make their product or service be known. This creates more awareness about the benefits and features that potential customers could get.

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